For the 2019 Season, we are at capacity for season-long memberships.

  • We are not accepting applications for 2019 Regular Membership but encourage you to join the waitlist for 2020.
  • We are not accepting applications for 2020 Temporary Membership but encourage you to join the waitlist for 2020.
  • We are accepting applications for 2019 August Memberships.

Temporary Memberships will be offered, subject to availability, once the entire waitlist has had a Regular Membership offer extended. Per our club by-laws, we can only offer Temporary Memberships to offset vacancies so there is no guarantee that Temporary Memberships will be offered in any season.

Please submit the Membership Application to join the wait list and apply for membership at Kent Gardens. For Regular and Temporary Memberships, a $50 Application/Wait List Fee may be assessed, if applicable. This fee does not apply to August Memberships and is waived for former holders of Temporary and August memberships.

Swim Team

Thanks for your interest in joining Kent Gardens Recreation Club. The following membership categories are available:

  • Regular Membership: Regular members are eligible to vote in meetings of the corporation, as permitted in the by-laws and have guaranteed renewal before April 15th. Regular memberships are non-transferrable and are void if not renewed each year or inactivated by payment of the inactivity fee.
  • Temporary Membership: Temporary memberships are subject to availability, based on the number of inactive or vacant memberships that we have for the season. If you are interested in a Temporary Membership, you should submit the Membership Application, which may entail joining the Wait List. These memberships do not convey renewal or voting privileges and Temporary members interested in another season of temporary membership must re-apply. It is recommended that you re-apply via the Membership Application at the end of the current season.
  • August Membership: An August membership is a pro-rated temporary membership for non-members or inactive members. August memberships do not convey renewal or voting privileges and must re-apply via the wait-list for membership. August memberships have access to the pool facilities from August 1st until the final day of the season.
  • Dolphin Membership: These are limited to past members with ten consecutive years of membership. The cost is $150 per person, limit two per household. Dolphin members are granted access to the pool on twenty days over the course of the season. While these memberships do not convey voting privileges, Dolphin members will automatically be offered another Dolphin Membership the following season and may also apply for re-instatement of their Regular Membership by payment of the applicable re-instatement fees. Dolphin Members are not eligible to participate on the swim and dive teams.
  • Dive Membership: Dive memberships do not convey renewal or voting privileges and must reapply on a yearly basis. These memberships are limited to members of other pools that do not have a dive team and available for the family to participate in the KGRC Dive Team.

Membership units shall be entitled to full use of the facilities subject to the by-laws and applicable rules and regulations. A membership unit consists of one household of:

  • (i) not more than two adults and their minor children who reside with them;
    (ii) unmarried adult children who, as of January 1 of any membership year, are not older than 25 years of age; normally reside with such member; or are full-time students at a recognized educational institution.

Use of the facilities by all other relatives or persons residing with a member shall be permitted only upon approval by the Board of Directors, payment of applicable fees established in accordance with Article VIII, Section 5, and official registration as resident relatives.


One-time Non-refundable Regular Membership Initiation Fee (Does not apply to Temporary/August Memberships) $700
Regular Membership Annual Fee $625
Resident Relative / Care Provider $100
Senior Membership 1 $375
Dolphin Membership 2 $150 per person, limit two per household
Temporary Membership $825
Dive Membership $625
August Membership $315
Inactive Membership or Membership Reinstatement $100
One-time nonrefundable wait list fee, if applicable $50

1 Senior Membership: In order to qualify for senior membership, the youngest adult in the membership unit must be at least 66 years of age. In addition, the membership unit can consist of no more than two adults. Any other relatives or associates will be treated as guests as per Article II, Section 4(b) of the By-Laws.

2 Dolphin Membership: In order to qualify for Dolphin membership, the applicant must have been a past member in good standing for ten consecutive years (though not necessarily the past ten years). Dolphin memberships are limited to two per household and give each Dolphin member access to the pool facilities on twenty days over the course of a single season.

The above fees do not include participation in the swim and dive programs. Please visit those tabs for additional information.

All memberships are subject to review and approval by the Board of Directors. Persons who subscribe and adhere to the purpose and provisions of the Corporation, as set forth in the articles of incorporation, by-laws, and duly promulgated rules and regulations, shall be eligible for membership, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and payment of all applicable fees.

If you have any questions about membership at KGRC, please contact the Membership Director at [email protected].