Dive Team

Dive Team

Dive Team

Last Updated: March 27, 2022



Congratulations, Dolphin Divers!!


1. REGISTRATION: The link is below! (Contact us if you have any questions!) Your family MUST be a member of KGRC in order to register for the teams!


2. COVID 19: We are hopeful that Fairfax County will be in a more endemic rather than pandemic phase by the time the KGRC Dive Season begins.  But either way, we are committed, as always, to doing everything possible to keep everyone safe.  Of course, guidelines may change and we may need to be flexible.

3. COACHES: Veteran Co-Head Coaches Leigh Anne Methlie Stephens and Sina Naaemi are returning this year to share their expertise and enthusiasm with our divers.  Many of our Assistant and Junior Coaches will be back as well to help make it a fun and safe season for all, new divers and experienced competitors alike.

4. NVSL MEET SCHEDULE: NVSL Meets are on Tuesday evenings and some Sundays for those who qualify to compete.  An email will be sent letting divers know whether they've been selected.  But here's the schedule so you can mark your calendar.  We will also have a B Meet scheduled-we will forward that date asap.

Tuesday, June 21

KGRC @ Dunn Loring (A)

6 PM

Tuesday, June 28

KGRC @ Vienna Woods (A)

6 PM

Tuesday, July 5

Old Keene Mill @ KGRC (H)

6 PM

Sunday, July 10

Wally Martin @ Oak Marr Rec Center


Tuesday, July 12

KGRC @ Oakton (A)

6 PM

Sunday, July 17

Cracker Jack Meet @ TBD


Tuesday, July 19

Overlee @ KGRC (H)

6 PM

Sunday, July 24

Divisionals @ Overlee


Sunday, July 31

All Stars @ Fairfax Station




BEFORE FCPS ENDS: From Monday, May 23 to Friday, June 10, one hour practice sessions will be available at 5 PM & 6 PM, Monday thru Friday (no Saturday or Sunday practices).  A SIGN UP GENIUS WILL BE SENT TO YOU EACH FRIDAY for you to select weekday practices that work for you for the upcoming week. 

AFTER FCPS ENDS: Starting on June 13, there will be mostly morning practice options-one hour sessions beginning at 8:00, 9:00 & 10:00 AM with an evening practice, 6-7 PM, specifically for divers who can't make the morning practices, Monday through Friday (no Saturday or Sunday practices). A SIGN UP GENIUS WILL BE SENT TO YOU EACH FRIDAY for you to select weekday practices that work for you for the upcoming week. 

6. TEAM GEAR: Every diver will get a Team T-shirt but if you are interested in other items, check out our KGRC Webstore. Gear can be ordered up to midnight on May 14 when the store officially closes.   https://sportfairusa.tuosystems.com/stores/kg22/purchase.           

7. PRIVATE DIVE LESSONS: Once the KGRC Dive Season begins, Coaches Leigh Anne and Sina are available for private and semi-private dive lessons.

QUESTIONS? CONCERNS? Just want to check in?  You know where to find us!

Claudia Tielking & Malia Asfour
KGRC Dive Representatives
[email protected]