Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is prior experience required for joining the Swim Team?
No, the team welcomes all 4-18 year old KGRC members who wish to swim. There are no tryouts, simply complete the registration process and come to practice. If unsure of your child's readiness for the swim team or Mini Dolphins developmental program, show up on the first day of practice for an assessment.

Is it possible to be on both the KGRC Swim Team and Dive Team?
Yes, many of our swimmers also compete on the dive team. The two teams have coordinated their practice times so that children can usually go straight from one practice to the other.

Are private swim lessons available?
Yes, NV Pools offers swim lessons to beginning swimmers, and members of the coaching staff are sometimes available to give private beginning or competitive lessons. Talk to a lifeguard at the front desk if you're interested in learn-to-swim group lessons for a child too young for the swim team, or look for flyers by the front desk for information on how to contact our coaches to set up private lessons.

Will my child swim in every meet?
All swimmers may swim in the Monday night B Meets. Coaches will select swimmers for the Saturday morning A meets and notify them by the Thursday preceding each meet. We assume availability unless we're told otherwise!

How long do the meets run?
Monday evening B Meets generally run until 8:30 or 9 p.m., while Saturday morning A Meets generally run until 11:30 a.m. or noon.

Is it necessary for swimmers to stay for the entire meet?
While swimmers are encouraged to stay for the full meet and support their teammates, they may leave with a parent once they have finished swimming their event(s).

What are "Mini Dolphins"?
This beginning level Mini Dolphins class is for little dolphins who can swim, but cannot yet swim the length of the pool independently. If your child is comfortable getting into the pool with a coach and can swim about 15 feet independently, they're ready for Mini Dolphins. We operate the Mini Dolphins lessons on about a 1-4 coach-swimmer ratio. They will work on basic strokes on their front and back; torpedo glides, flutter kicks, and encouraging confidence and love of the water. As your Mini Dolphin develops their skills, the coach will inform you when your Mini Dolphin is able to move up and work with the Dolphins Swim Team for the hour-long practice, as well as join the team for the developmental swim meets on Monday nights.