Swim Team

Swim Team


Swim Team

Last Updated: June 14, 2020

The KGRC Dolphins emerged from the 2019 season as co-champions of Division Five and recipients of the Sportsmanship Award.

We are so excited to bring the KGRC swim team together for a fun and productive (if slightly abbreviated and socially distanced) swim season!

Below, we have outlined what we know so far. This will likely change as the season progresses, so please bear with us.

  • Scheduling: Phase 2 allows for up to 3 swimmers per lane while maintaining 10 feet of distance between swimmers. We will hold practices from 8am – 12 noon by age group.
  • Each swimmer may register for one of two practice groups—M/W/F or Tu./Th./Sat.
    For both days the schedule will be as follows:
    • 8:00-9:00 am: 13 & up
    • 9:00-10:00 am: 10-12
    • 10:00-11:00 am: 6-9 (Please note: swimmers must be able to swim 1 full length of the pool unassisted)
    • 11:00-11:30am and 11:30am-12:00pm: Mini Dolphins
      Please note:We cannot have coaches in the pool to work with the children due to social distancing requirements. For this reason, any child wishing to participate in the Mini Dolphins program MUST have a parent or guardian in the pool with them at all times. No exceptions.
    • Practices will be held in the morning only.
  • Staffing: KGRC Head Coach Chris Hinton will run practices, with assistance from other coaches when needed.
    1. Coaches will coach from the pool deck only. We cannot have coaches in the pool to work with children due to social distancing requirements.

We hope to have a fun time in the water this summer with our KGRC Dolphins!