Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I'm interested in Membership. How do I apply?

Please submit a Membership Application and, if applicable, pay the Application/Wait-List Fee. Once we receive your application, we will process your application. If we have a wait-list, we will let you know what position you are in.

How does the wait-list work?

We are limited by our Articles of Incorporation to 325 Regular (voting) members. As turn-over in our Regular membership occurs, we can extend invitations to the applicants on our wait-list. Regular members have until April 15th to have their membership for the season guaranteed and after that, we will know how many additional memberships we will be able to offer that season.

In addition, we are able to offer Temporary memberships which offset the number of Inactive memberships (or vacancies) in a season. Temporary memberships are offered to applicants on the wait-list as they become available.

I am on the wait-list. Will I be offered a membership this season?

Impossible to tell! In the past five years we have been able to offer some type of membership to every applicant who was on the wait-list by March 15th. Factors outside of our control impact the number of memberships we can offer each year.

If we are not able to offer you a Temporary Membership this season, we have a limited number of August Memberships which will be offered beginning in July. If we can only offer you an August Membership this season, we will keep you on the waitlist for next season. If we cannot offer you a Regular or Temporary Membership this season, or if we can only offer you an August membership, we will keep you on the waitlist for next season.

I was offered a membership but have had a change in plans. Can I defer to next season?

Yes, we permit a one time deferral of a membership offer (subject to availability) to the next season. Your application will be placed at the top of the wait-list for the coming season.

I had a Temporary membership last season. How do I become a Regular member?

Per our by-laws, Temporary memberships do not convey voting or renewal privileges. Temporary members who wish to have a membership in the coming season should re-apply via the Membership Application. We encourage you to re-join the waitlist when the current season is over.

I just want my kids to join the Swim or Dive Team. Do I need to become a member?

NVSL rules require that all team participants be members of the pool for which they are swimming. If your home pool does not have a Dive Team, NVSL rules permit us to offer you a Dive Membership, which is a Temporary membership which will allow your child(ren) to register for the team.

Fees for participation on the Dolphins Swim or Dive Teams are separate and payable upon enrollment in the team, when registration opens in May.

Can my extended family use the facilities as part of my membership?

Per our by-laws: "Membership units shall be entitled to full use of the facilities subject to the by-laws and applicable rules and regulations. A membership unit consists of one household: (i) not more than two adults and their minor children who reside with them; (ii) unmarried adult children who, as of January 1 of any membership year, are not older than 25 years of age; normally reside with such member; or are full-time students at a recognized educational institution." Other members of your household may enter the facilities as the paid guest of a carded member or with the payment of the Resident Relative/Caregiver fee for the season.

Note that, because all guests of the facility count against our facility capacity, the payment of a guest fee applies to all guests and extended family members, even if they are not swimmers.

I'm interested in a membership but would like to tour the facilities first.

Unfortunately, our facilities are closed during the off-season and access to the deck and clubhouse is limited. However, you are welcome to view the facilities from outside our gate, which provides an adequate view of the two pools and a partial view of the deck. Unfortunately, no winter visit is going to give you an accurate representation of our wonderful pool on a hot summer day!