Pool Capacity and Reservations

Pool Capacity and Reservations

Procedures are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Directors based upon requirements and guidance from county/state/federal authorities and KGRC’s insurer.

Capacity and Eligible Members:

At this time, consistent with Virginia’s Phase 2 requirements, KGRC will admit up to three swimmers per marked lane for lap-swimming only. Members sharing a lane must be from the same household. This will allow for up to 18 members to swim at one time. KGRC will also allow diving and admit up to 3 members per board, up to 6 members total. Members aged 11 and older may swim without a parent/guardian. Children under 11 must be accompanied by a swimming parent or guardian. The Manager may ask members to demonstrate proficiency at continuous lap swimming.  

Non-swimmers are not permitted to enter the Club during this time. Guests are not permitted at this time in order to maximize availability for Club members.  

Permissible Use:

As required by the Office of the Governor and the Virginia Department of Health, only lap swimming (exercise) is permitted. Swimmers must maintain a minimum of 10 feet distance from other swimmers at all times, even those from the same household. Swimmers will place personal items on alternating sides in marked areas. Stopping is only allowed in such a way to maintain distance between swimmers (ex: opposite sides of the pool or halfway.)  
Consistent with Virginia requirements, the wading/baby pool and recreational equipment, including the ping pong tables and tetherball, are closed. The Snack Shack is not open at this time.


To allow staff to focus on safety as the first priority, KGRC is requiring members to use Signup Genius for lap lane reservations.  An account is not needed. This link was sent to the membership via email. Please email [email protected] if you need the link or have problems using the website.

Time Slots:

Walk-ins are not permitted. Given the high demand and need to execute appropriate cleaning procedures, 50-minute time slots will be available for reservation, which includes the time to enter, swim, and exit. Each time slot will be followed by a 10-minute cleaning and transition period. Members should arrive at KGRC no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled time, be ready to swim, and practice social distancing while waiting. Members must exit the Club promptly at the end of their time slot.

Daily/Weekly Limits:

For the benefit of the membership as a whole and in the interest of fairness, members may reserve no more than three days in advance and book no more than 3 total reservations per week, per household member.  (For example: Sunday reservations will be available on Thursday.) You may add your name to an open slot for the next day after 9 p.m. without counting against your 3/week limit.  Reservations beyond these limits are subject to cancellation. Members are permitted one reservation for each eligible household member per day. The Club will release reservations in increments, as appropriate, and reserves the right to limit reservations to ensure the safety of members and staff, as well as availability of the pool to the membership.

Senior and Immunocompromised Members:

To serve all eligible members, Tuesdays and Thursdays, 12 p.m. to 12:50 p.m., are designated for members age 65-plus and those with pre-existing, “high risk” health conditions.  These hours are subject to change based on member feedback and guidance from county/state/federal authorities.

Members with mobility issues may want to reserve Lanes 1 or 6 for ease of access to stairs, or contact the pool Manager for further assistance. Note that stairs in both Lanes 1 and 6 are now equipped with handrails.