Entry and Exit Procedures

Entry and Exit Procedures

Physical Cues and Signs: Physical cues and signs are being used to help members maintain a 10 foot distance from those not in their household, and to identify pool areas that are closed.

Bathhouse Usage: Bathrooms are available if needed. Changing areas and showers are closed. Swimmers must shower before arrival and come to the club wearing a swimsuit, ready to swim.

Food/Grilling: No food, coolers, or grilling are allowed. Only water bottles are allowed on deck. A new water bottle filler is available at the water fountains; please be sure to wipe the handle with provided sanitizing wipes after each usage.

Equipment/Kickboards: KGRC will not provide kickboards or other swimming equipment. Members may bring their own. Any equipment left at KGRC will be discarded.  KGRC will NOT operate a “lost and found” this year.

Shower at Home: Members should shower before arrival, and arrive wearing a swimsuit and ready to enter the water immediately, with all necessary equipment.

PPE: A face covering is required at all times, except when swimming. Members must provide their own face masks and any other personal protective equipment (PPE) desired. Face coverings must fully cover nose and mouth. These may be fabric face coverings, surgical masks, etc.

Entering the Pool: Members should arrive at KGRC no more than 5 minutes before their scheduled swim time and be ready to swim – please shower at home and come dressed in a swimsuit. (Regular swim dress code rules apply.) Members should head to the Clubhouse on arrival, follow the signs and markings, and check in with membership cards outside the Clubhouse entrance. Staff will ask if you are experiencing, or have recently experienced, any COVID-19 symptoms. Once checked in, please enter the pool area via the wooden deck by the Snack Shack. Do not enter the Clubhouse.

Upon entry to the pool deck, swimmers will place their belongings in the designated Cabana for each lane or dive well. Members must wait outside the gates until their reserved time. Always maintain a 10-foot distance between members that are not from your household.  Staff will signal to each member when the swim time is over. To help keep our facilities safe please try to avoid touching any railing, fences, tables, barriers, etc.

Exiting: At the conclusion of the swim time slot, members must put on their face covering and leave the deck through the gates by the tether ball pole leading to the parking lot. Please exit in a timely manner; the KGRC staff will thoroughly disinfect the facility at this time before the next group of swimmers arrive.

Suspension/Revocation of Membership: Lifeguards are authorized to instruct anyone to leave the grounds. Any members not following the rules and policies listed above may lose their membership privileges in accordance with the KGRC Bylaws.