Pool Opening, Lifeguards, and More

Pool Opening, Lifeguards, and More

Dear Kent Gardens Members,

We hope this letter finds you in good health. Now that summer weather is here, and school is winding down, we know that everyone is excited to jump into the pool! The Board of Directors is too, and we have been very hard at work in order to make that happen. As you can imagine, this year with all of the precautions around COVID-19 pandemic, there are many more factors at work to make sure the summer swim season is enjoyable and, above all, safe.

So, getting directly to the point, we aim to open by the end of next week. (Cue the cheering…) We do want you to understand why there have been delays. 

First, all pools in Virginia had to wait until the Governor of Virginia moved into Phase 1 of reopening. That wasn’t until recently for Fairfax County. 

The construction of the new pool floor (called a white coat) is nearly complete. We now have water in the pool! There were a few delays in the project, and there are still final touches to be done, but the surface of our aging pool has been fully redone with new coping stones, a smooth new white coat, and beautiful new pool tiles, all of which will provide years of safe, comfortable enjoyment for our members!  You will notice some other updates and changes around the pool to make your time there more enjoyable. 

Finally, for many years KGRC has relied on a management company to help us not only take care of the physical pool, but also staff the pool with a manager, lifeguards and attendants. This has worked well and is how we had planned to move forward for this summer. However, several issues led us to the decision that we are going to take over the staffing ourselves. This provides KGRC with new freedoms and new challenges, but it is a decision that the Board of Directors is confident is our best choice. 

So what does this mean for you? Most importantly, this means that we are looking to hire more lifeguards and attendants for this summer. If you, your teenagers, or your neighbors are still looking for summer employment, please send them to us! You can fill out an application here, and reach out to [email protected] if you have any questions.

With this change, we are moving forward with the development of protocols for how you will be able to enjoy the pool this summer, while maintaining a safe environment for all. All of the protocols will follow the Governor’s Executive Orders which limit the number of swimmers and people on the pool deck, including the staff, and, at least for now, allow only lap swimming. We are busy setting up a reservation system, and within a few days you’ll receive specific information about how you can sign up for your swim time as well as the rules and procedures at KGRC for this summer. 

We are excited to open the pool and mostly we are excited to see you. Thank you for your patience and your understanding this spring as we have sorted all of this out. Please look for more updates in just a few days, and if you have an urgent question in the meantime, please reach out to Board President, Meghan Thomas, at [email protected]

See you soon!

KGRC Board of Directors