Opening Day is Today! (May 24th)

Opening Day is Today! (May 24th)

Opening Day is today! Our summer of fun at KGRC begins at 3:30 p.m. Stop by the Snack Shack to score your Flavor Ice popscicle to start the season. But before you do...

Club By-Laws, Rules, and Regulations

All members are encouraged to become familiar with both the Club By-Laws (Amended January 2018) and Club Rules and Regulations Handbook (Revised May 2019) that are available on the Important Documents page of our website.

Membership Cards

New Members, Past Members who have switched their membership type, and all Temporary Members have membership cards waiting for them at the Front Desk. Please bring a Photo ID to pick up your cards.

Every family member age 11 and over (duly registered on your profile) has been issued a Membership Card and must use the card to gain entrance to the pool. Children under age 11 must be accompanied to the pool by a Carded Member.

To find out which card has been assigned to each family member, sign in to the Registration Site, click on "My Profile" under "My Account" and look for the number next to "Barcode" under each Family Member's information.

If you have lost one or more of your Membership Cards, please submit the Membership Card Request Form. We are waiving the $5 replacement fee through May 31st. It'll take a few days to get through the backlog of replacement cards so the sooner you request, the better!

You will be asked to present a Photo ID when you access the pool without a Membership Card, so please bear that in mind if your children age 11 and over are coming unattended and do not have their Membership Card.

Resident Relative or Caregiver

If you have a Resident Relative/Caregiver in your household and they will be visting the Club, or accompanying your child to the Club (even without entering the pool), you will need to add a Resident Relative/Caregiver Membership to your account. This can be done by signing in to your account on the Registration Site: click on Memberships, then "Sign Up" on the "Resident Relative or Caregiver" row.

The fee for a Resident Relative/Caregiver Membership is $100 for the season. This season we are permitting multiple individuals in your household to share a Resident Relative/Caregiver Card but only one person can use the Card per visit to the Club.

If your Relative/Caregiver will only visit the Club while accompanied by a Carded Member, then it might be more cost-effective to purchase guest passes for their visit.

Guest Passes

Guest Passes are $5 per day and can be purchased via credit card on the Registration Site. Hover over the "Memberships" menu, then click on "Buy Guest Passes". Guest Passes can also be purchased for cash at the Front Desk. Your guests will not be admitted to the pool without a Guest Pass.

Text Notifications

We use the "Rained Out" service to send text notifications about unscheduled pool closings. Please click here to register your phone number for the service.

Memberships Available

We have just a few vacancies left for the summer. We would love for you to invite your new neighbors to consider joining our "definitely-open-today-and-not-under-construction" pool! Feel free to direct them to the Membership Page on our website for details and costs, along with the Membership Application.

Don't Forget!

Plan to join us all weekend long but in particular on Memorial Day Monday from Noon to 3:00 p.m. for our Memorial Day Pool Party.

Please be kind and patient with our new and very hard-working staff. Our Management Company, Premier Aquatics, and our Board of Directors have been working extra hard to ensure that we have a great season.