Now Hiring: Snack Shack Manager

Now Hiring: Snack Shack Manager

SNACK SHACK SUMMER 2019 MANAGER POSITION: This position offers a flexible and fun summer job with the benefits of learning management skills such as hiring, scheduling, and managing inventory. If you are looking into a career in restaurant/business management this is an excellent first step.

Kent Gardens Recreation Club (KGRC): KGRC is a fun, family oriented neighborhood pool with a small town feel. The snack shack helps to support and maintain this atmosphere for our members by providing snacks and easily prepared hot food to our patrons as well as our fun and awesome swim and dive teams.

Snack Shack Manager Position: $2500 for the summer

Pre-Season Responsibilities

  • Manage snack shack cashier application responses (March 2019)
  • Interview applicants (April 2019)
  • Pre-Season staff meeting
  • Organize initial inventory purchase and accept delivery

Pool Season Responsibilities (Memorial Day through Labor Day)

  • Daily opening and closure of the shack
  • Collect and record the cash amounts nightly
  • Create schedules for all employees in two week intervals. Assist employees in trading and covering shifts when needed.
  • Verify payroll amounts for everyone and keep track of everyone's hours
  • Track inventory and notify Board member of concessions to order.
  • Being present for the arrival of orders or pickup orders for events when necessary
  • Prepare Inventory and staff for pool events (i.e. home meets, movie night)

Postseason Responsibilities

  • Clean up and prepare shack for the winter

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