KGRC President's July 25 Update

KGRC President's July 25 Update

Hello Kent Gardens,

Mother Nature has been on a roll this past week with storms and crazy heat. We always put safety first at KGRC so we appreciate your patience when these summer storms blow in. And the heat - well, the pool was the right place to be!

Our Dive In Movie night was a great time... until the lightning ended it. Keep an eye out for a possible updated movie night. We are hoping the company will work with us for another night!

Some other KGRC news...

Dolphins are Winners!!

Seriously, all the way around! Our Dolphins win! Both the Swim & Dive Teams have had an amazing season!

The Dive team is the Division 3 Champions, and have now won their division three years running!! Fantastic job!!

The Swim team rounded out their Division 5 season with a three way tie for first place. Nice going swimmers!

Does this make you want to join the fun next year? Get ready over the winter by swimming and diving with the KGRC teams. You can even encourage a friend who isn't a KGRC member to train with you. Registration is now open for winter swim; winter dive registration will open soon so keep an eye on the Dive Team page.  

Schedules for this week:

In order to celebrate our teams' great season, the pool will close early on Sunday 7/28 at 4:00pm. The Swim and Dive teams will hold their annual Awards Banquet that evening. 

This also means there will not be a Float Night this week. 
(Reminder, we've extended Float Nights for every Sunday from 6-9pm!)

Group Swim:
We will continue to hold group swim lessons throughout the swim season.  Get all the details at the front desk and pick up a registration form too.  

Did you lose something?
Our Lost & Found is overflowing! Just inside the guard room, you will find a slew of towels, t-shirts, toiletry items, glasses and who knows what else! (We toss unmentionables.) If you have misplaced something at the pool, you will most likely find it there. Please take a look. We will start taking items to charity at the end of July. 

Helping hands make light work!
January seems like a long time from now, but that is when KGRC holds it's Annual General Meeting. That is also when the membership votes for any new Board of Director positions. Are you interested in being a part of the leadership team? This year we have a few Board members whose terms are ending, so there are more opportunities to get involved. Contact [email protected] if you are interested in helping. We are always looking for a varied group of leadership talents.
We are still hoping a member can help us coordinate a few logistics for our Annual Dog Swim to be held on Labor Day. Let us know if you want to lend a paw.

Have a great week and see you at the pool!!

Meghan Thomas
KGRC Board President
[email protected]