Early Renewal is Now Open

Early Renewal is Now Open

Dear KGRC Members,

We are happy to let you know that Early Renewal is now open.

During the early-bird renewal period, which ends on March 15th, a Regular Membership renewal is $575 and a Senior Membership renewal is $345. After March 15th, a Regular Membership renewal is $625 and a Senior Membership renewal is $370. The Guaranteed Renewal Deadline is April 15th, after which your renewal is not guaranteed and we will begin to offer membership to our ever-growing wait list.

To renew your membership, please click on the Registration link on the KGRC web site. There is a "Forget Your Password?" feature on the Login page if you have forgotten your password. Once you login, you'll click on the Memberships tab to open the "Membership Manager" and see the "Swim Memberships Available for Enrollment". Click "Sign Up" next to the membership level that applies to you.

Regular Membership
Per the Club by-laws, which can be found on the "Important Documents" page of the KGRC web site,

"Membership units shall be entitled to full use of the facilities subject to the by-laws and applicable rules and regulations. A membership unit consists of one household of: (i)  not more than two adults and their minor children who reside with them; (ii) unmarried adult children who, as of January 1 of any membership year, are not older than 25 years of age; normally reside with such member; or are full-time students at a recognized educational institution."

In registering family members, please note that children under 11 years of age must be accompanied by a responsible caregiver and will not be issued a membership card. When adding family members, you do not need to add children under 11 years of age to your account.

Child Care Provider and Resident Relatives
Child care providers and other resident relatives must be registered with the Club and will be issued their own membership card. Registration of a child care provider or resident relative entails payment of $100 fee for each person. When considering your use of the pool this summer, it may be more cost-effective to purchase guest passes for resident relatives.

Before signing up for the "Resident Relative or Caregiver" option, please add the appropriate person or people from the "My Account" > "Add Family Member" menu.

Dolphin Memberships
If you have been a member in good standing for ten consecutive years and find that you are using the pool less frequently, you may like to take advantage of our Dolphin Membership. Dolphin Memberships give each member access to the pool facilities on twenty days over the course of a single season. Dolphin Memberships are $150 per person, limit two per household. Dolphin Memberships can only be used for the adult members who were the regular members of the pool and cannot be used for children to participate on the Swim and Dive teams.

Inactive Membership
If you want to keep your membership in good standing but will not use the pool this season, select this membership. Memberships are non-transferrable and void if not renewed each year or deferred by payment of the $100 Inactive Membership fee.

Replacement Membership Cards
During the renewal period, the membership card replacement fee is $2.50. This goes up to $5.00 per card after April 15th. Please fill out the "Membership Card Request Form" from the Membership section of the KGRC web site. We will issue you an invoice to pay prior to issuing your replacement membership cards.

Swim and Dive Team Inquiries
Prospective Dolphins: please direct your questions about the Swim Team to Sara Weinstock and about the Dive Team to Claudia Tielking.

If you will not be renewing your membership and do not wish to defer it, or if you are interested in a Dolphin Membership, please let me know via reply. And, as always, if you have any questions about your membership or the renewal process, don't hesitate to contact me.

Opening Day is only 99 days away!


Juan Aguilar
Membership Director - 2018/19
Kent Gardens Recreation Club